Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

I just wanted to wish all of my American friends a Happy Thanksgiving! We didn't do much. We stayed in DC instead of going back home. We went out to eat at a buffet for our Thanksgiving dinner. Someone actually stopped Chris and commented on how well behaved our kids are. Yeah, when we're in public they are very well behaved. After, I went to Walgreen's and bought a 10 megapixel Polaroid digital camera for, get this, $79.99 after a $30 mail in rebate. I was so excited. And I got a second 1GB memory card for only $9.99! I'm still sending my camera off to be fixed. If they fix it then I have a spare camera. If they replace it, then I have a spare camera. Tomorrow we are planning on visiting the museums in Washington, DC., on Saturday we plan to tour the memorials in Washington, DC and Arlington and on Sunday we plan on going to Mount Vernon. Then Chris goes back to work on Monday and its just me and the kids again. Got a few things planned for just us.

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Today is so not my day.... so far.....

Today is so not my day..... seriously. First, I was awaken by Chris much later than necessary. In order to get him to the job site on time on a normal morning we have to leave at 6:10 am. But, this morning we had to detour and get gas and we left the hotel at 6:20 am. Hmmmm..... not going to be on time. The whole time he was fussing because apparently the twins (3 yo) decided that it would be cool to take their diapers off in the middle of the night. Which meant they went to the bathroom on the floor. Fun.... Oh, and the room wasn't immaculate. Hello...... 6 kids + 1 room = mess. And yet I was wrong because I was here and didn't let the housekeeper in. Ok... whatever. I finally get him to work and get back. I tell the kids to start cleaning the room, because honestly, it is messier than necessary. That was at 7 am. It's 1 pm and I'm still waiting. Well, I decide to turn my camera on and voila.... camera doesn't work properly. Yipee...... Here I am, in an amazing picture opportunity area, and no camera. I contact customer support. All we can do is send it off to be repaired or replaced. Really not going to help me this week is it?? So, I guess that when Chris gets paid, I'll be buying a cheap digital to hold me over until mine gets repaired. And.... Pogo took my yearly subscription fee a week ahead of schedule and now I have to jump through hoops to get it back since cancelling my subscription. I think the only good thing that has happened today is Chris' paycheck stub (we have Direct Deposit so it was emailed to me). Sad part..... The day's not over yet. And, its now 4 pm and I'm still WAITING for the room to get cleaned.

On the upside, I have watched 2 good movies today. Well, 1 and a half because one is still on. Head Above Water ( and Sydney White (

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Rain? Perhaps....

I had submitted a poem back in August to Well, a few weeks ago I got a letter stating that it had won the Editor's Choice Award. This sounds good right? It went on to say that this poem would be published in a book for all the world to read. The catch? If I wanted to see my own poem in print, I needed to purchase the book for $59.95. Any other "gifts" I wanted to purchase ranged from $29.95 to $149.95. Yeah, I think not. I am adding the poem to this site. It wasn't even that good.

The rain is pouring down.
My heart is breaking.
I feel there is no oneto call my own.
I spend my time in tears.
Without you I am all alone.
I wish you were beside me,to calm me from my fears.
The rain feels so cold.
The chill runs through my body.
But, life goes on.
Or at least so I've been told.
Life is just a downpourof human emotions.
The way I feel now is something I've never felt before.