Saturday, October 18, 2008

What's the Big Deal? I mean really......

I have read this major debate on CafeMom about government assistance. Some people fuss, bitch, gripe and complain about some people on public assistance (i.e. WIC, food stamps, medicaid, TANF, etc.)

First, I am going to state my opinion. Agree or disagree, makes no difference to me. This is strictly my opinion. Ok, I do not agree with the "moochers" of the system. You know the ones that are on it forever and never WANT to get off it. Much less make an effort to get off it. These are the ones that never work, and expect the government to hand them everything. I respect the ones that have hit hard times and need assistance to get back on their feet, and then get off it. Anything can happen. Jobs get lost, more and more companies are downsizing. Spouses get hurt, die. Savings can get depleted trying to catch up with the economy. The wrong investments can be made. Emergencies can come up. These are legit reasons for asking for a little help and then moving on when they are back on their feet. I do not mind that my taxes can be going to help these types of families. I would be doing the same if I donated food to food banks or money to women's shelters. I may not have the control of who it goes to but i like to think that it will possibly be going to a good family down on their luck in these hard times.

Now, on to their comments: "All mothers on welfare are worthless and no good." "If you have to be on public assistance, then your husband is shitty and doesn't know how to take care of his family." "You shouldn't have had kids if you couldn't provide for them." Well, you get the idea. Ok, as I said before, some people do abuse the system and I have NO respect for them. But, an down on their luck family who needs assistance for a few months is not worthless to me. To me, they are just trying to support their family. I mean if for 20 years, they paid their taxes and then suddenly needed 3 months of benefits, then what's the harm? They paid enough in for it right?

I would really like a glimpse into these mother's lives. What skeletons are they hiding that someone can diss them on? How can their lives be soooo perfect that they have the right to criticize someone else?

You can leave your opinions, negative or positive. Like i said, it makes no difference if you agree with me or not.