Thursday, December 25, 2008

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Accounting Workbook for Dummies

I normally don't do product/movie/anything reviews, but this one is worth the time! I went to Barnes and Noble about my books for the semester and wandered through the Accounting book section. Now, I got behind in Accounting last semester because I didn't ask for help when I first needed it. This semester I have 2 Accounting classes. I decided that I needed to do some remediation. I quickly glanced through the shelves and settled on this book:


I am only partway through the first chapter and feel as if I am learning so much. It explains a subject then gives you sample problems. It also has detailed answers so you can see how the answer is what is. This book is for someone who has a background in accounting, not for a first timer.

Monday, December 15, 2008

And the Decision Has Been Made......

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After much thinking and debating, I have made a decision as to where I will call home. And I, know that this is the state's older license plate but it was the only blank one I could find so that I could "personalize" it. So.................................
I am........................................
staying in LOUISIANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Although the area I am in right now is growing on me, I am leaning more towards Houma/New Orleans/Slidell areas. I don't know if I could live in such an isolated area such as where I am currently. I know I said my dream location is Corpus Christi, but I am close enough. The way I figure it, I am only 9 - 10 hours from there. That's easily a weekend get-away or vacation. So, I am content with naming Louisiana as my new home. Now, on to looking for a place to rent.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Back in Paradise....... Almost

Anyone who knows me, or at least has known me in the last 2 years, knows that my favorite place in the world is Corpus Christi, Texas. I love it there! The night we were supposed to leave there during our vacation in 2006, I cried so much that Chris agreed we could stay another night. And I still cried the night we actually left there. My dream is to get back there - to live. Although I know I cannot afford the houses there that I absolutely love, I just can't see myself living anywhere else but there. And, right now, I am 568 miles or 9 1/2 hours away from it! I got excited as I got near Biloxi, MS. I remembered driving there before and the way it smelled, looked, everything. I would love to be there again. Hopefully while I am here in Louisiana, I can get to Corpus Christi for a visit.

This is a picture I took from my hotel balcony in 2006. This is Corpus Christi Bay. Believe it or not, my hotel was a $60/night Super 8 and we had this awesome view!

As for Louisiana, I am in the most boring town in the whole state! There is nothing here and I mean NOTHING! I saw a lawn decorated for Christmas with a crab and shrimp. And a sign advertising ALLIGATOR SAUSAGE! WTF is that?? Never mind, I really do not want to know!

So, here's to hoping that I soon am back in paradise. Or what my version of paradise is........... Although, Louisiana wasn't that bad, until I got out of New Orleans and realized that my home for the next 3 months is in a swamp!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

From DC to SC

Sunday night Chris got the call from his boss that he needed to leave DC and go back to Charleston. So, Monday morning we pack up and head out. Now, this is a 9 hour journey. Yay for me! So, about 15 minutes into this trip I decide to start the License Plate game. 600 miles and 9 hours later, I successfully found 40 states, DC and 3 different locations in Canada (are they called provinces?). Chris swears he saw Alaska while I was napping. He very well may have, but I didn't so it didn't count. LOL

I have narrowed it down to 4 places I would live and possibility of another. The possible one depends on how I like Louisiana when I get there. The other 4 in order of preference are Corpus Christi, TX; Charleston, SC; Elizabethtown, NC; and Mooresville, NC. So one of these plates could be in my future:

I also saw a few good movies the last few days: The Comebacks (ok, wasn't good good but it was good enough for a laugh);, 27 Dresses (, Hairspray (, and Charlie Wilson's War (

On the down side, we never got to finish what we wanted done in Washington, DC. I am hoping to go back there, but more along the lines of Spring time. It was rather chilly to be walking around the city with the babies. I still had about a week's worth of stuff left to do. Hopefully, soon....

I have 25 quizzes as well as an Extra Credit assignment due on Thursday for my Business Law I class. Talk about procrastination. I have done about 10 quizzes and have not even begun my EC assignment. I guess I really need to be doing that right now. So, off I go.........


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

I just wanted to wish all of my American friends a Happy Thanksgiving! We didn't do much. We stayed in DC instead of going back home. We went out to eat at a buffet for our Thanksgiving dinner. Someone actually stopped Chris and commented on how well behaved our kids are. Yeah, when we're in public they are very well behaved. After, I went to Walgreen's and bought a 10 megapixel Polaroid digital camera for, get this, $79.99 after a $30 mail in rebate. I was so excited. And I got a second 1GB memory card for only $9.99! I'm still sending my camera off to be fixed. If they fix it then I have a spare camera. If they replace it, then I have a spare camera. Tomorrow we are planning on visiting the museums in Washington, DC., on Saturday we plan to tour the memorials in Washington, DC and Arlington and on Sunday we plan on going to Mount Vernon. Then Chris goes back to work on Monday and its just me and the kids again. Got a few things planned for just us.

For our home school blog, read here:



Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Today is so not my day.... so far.....

Today is so not my day..... seriously. First, I was awaken by Chris much later than necessary. In order to get him to the job site on time on a normal morning we have to leave at 6:10 am. But, this morning we had to detour and get gas and we left the hotel at 6:20 am. Hmmmm..... not going to be on time. The whole time he was fussing because apparently the twins (3 yo) decided that it would be cool to take their diapers off in the middle of the night. Which meant they went to the bathroom on the floor. Fun.... Oh, and the room wasn't immaculate. Hello...... 6 kids + 1 room = mess. And yet I was wrong because I was here and didn't let the housekeeper in. Ok... whatever. I finally get him to work and get back. I tell the kids to start cleaning the room, because honestly, it is messier than necessary. That was at 7 am. It's 1 pm and I'm still waiting. Well, I decide to turn my camera on and voila.... camera doesn't work properly. Yipee...... Here I am, in an amazing picture opportunity area, and no camera. I contact customer support. All we can do is send it off to be repaired or replaced. Really not going to help me this week is it?? So, I guess that when Chris gets paid, I'll be buying a cheap digital to hold me over until mine gets repaired. And.... Pogo took my yearly subscription fee a week ahead of schedule and now I have to jump through hoops to get it back since cancelling my subscription. I think the only good thing that has happened today is Chris' paycheck stub (we have Direct Deposit so it was emailed to me). Sad part..... The day's not over yet. And, its now 4 pm and I'm still WAITING for the room to get cleaned.

On the upside, I have watched 2 good movies today. Well, 1 and a half because one is still on. Head Above Water ( and Sydney White (

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Rain? Perhaps....

I had submitted a poem back in August to Well, a few weeks ago I got a letter stating that it had won the Editor's Choice Award. This sounds good right? It went on to say that this poem would be published in a book for all the world to read. The catch? If I wanted to see my own poem in print, I needed to purchase the book for $59.95. Any other "gifts" I wanted to purchase ranged from $29.95 to $149.95. Yeah, I think not. I am adding the poem to this site. It wasn't even that good.

The rain is pouring down.
My heart is breaking.
I feel there is no oneto call my own.
I spend my time in tears.
Without you I am all alone.
I wish you were beside me,to calm me from my fears.
The rain feels so cold.
The chill runs through my body.
But, life goes on.
Or at least so I've been told.
Life is just a downpourof human emotions.
The way I feel now is something I've never felt before.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

What's the Big Deal? I mean really......

I have read this major debate on CafeMom about government assistance. Some people fuss, bitch, gripe and complain about some people on public assistance (i.e. WIC, food stamps, medicaid, TANF, etc.)

First, I am going to state my opinion. Agree or disagree, makes no difference to me. This is strictly my opinion. Ok, I do not agree with the "moochers" of the system. You know the ones that are on it forever and never WANT to get off it. Much less make an effort to get off it. These are the ones that never work, and expect the government to hand them everything. I respect the ones that have hit hard times and need assistance to get back on their feet, and then get off it. Anything can happen. Jobs get lost, more and more companies are downsizing. Spouses get hurt, die. Savings can get depleted trying to catch up with the economy. The wrong investments can be made. Emergencies can come up. These are legit reasons for asking for a little help and then moving on when they are back on their feet. I do not mind that my taxes can be going to help these types of families. I would be doing the same if I donated food to food banks or money to women's shelters. I may not have the control of who it goes to but i like to think that it will possibly be going to a good family down on their luck in these hard times.

Now, on to their comments: "All mothers on welfare are worthless and no good." "If you have to be on public assistance, then your husband is shitty and doesn't know how to take care of his family." "You shouldn't have had kids if you couldn't provide for them." Well, you get the idea. Ok, as I said before, some people do abuse the system and I have NO respect for them. But, an down on their luck family who needs assistance for a few months is not worthless to me. To me, they are just trying to support their family. I mean if for 20 years, they paid their taxes and then suddenly needed 3 months of benefits, then what's the harm? They paid enough in for it right?

I would really like a glimpse into these mother's lives. What skeletons are they hiding that someone can diss them on? How can their lives be soooo perfect that they have the right to criticize someone else?

You can leave your opinions, negative or positive. Like i said, it makes no difference if you agree with me or not.

Friday, August 15, 2008

The Seasons

Here is another of my sappy love poems.

The Seasons
There was a time
when the wind was blowing
and people were glowing.
The air had a chill,
and love was such a thrill.
There was a time
but fall leaves,
and in love I no longer believe.
Now, there's snow on the ground,
and love is all around.
My heart is so cold,
and I feel so, so old.
The spring comes and the ground unthaws,
yet I'm reminded of all my flaws.
I wish you were gone,
and that my love wasn't used as a pawn.
My heart is as fragile as glass,
I only hope the hurt will soon pass.
Summer soon arrives,
a time in which to feel so alive.
The days so hot,
full of memories of a love I never forgot.
My heart still surrounded by walls,
my heart still determined not to fall.
The seasons come and go,
everyday I just go with the flow.
My love for you will never end.
And to you, all my love I send.
And I can only hope that within the next season,
you and I find a way to each other.
To me there is no reason
why we can't be with one another.
♥ Crystal, the Italian Bella ♥

Friday, August 8, 2008


I have not written a poem in almost 5 years. Then suddenly, probably I swear to you like 10 minutes ago, a poem just flowed into my head. Now mind you, I have never liked my poems, I hate the sound of them and I think they always sound dorky. Anyways......

I love you
with all that I have.
For you, there is
nothing I wouldn't do.
You make me smile,
You make me laugh,
you make me feel happier
than I ever have.
You are my friend,
the one I can turn to.
You are my soul,
the one I always think of.
You are my someone special,
the one I dream of.
You are all I've ever wanted.
Really sappy and dorky, right? Haha... I used to have like 3 notebooks full of poems, but they all got destroyed by one of my holy terrors.
Now, on to my quote of today:
"Who are you to judge the life I live? I know I'm not perfect and I don't live to be. But before you start pointing fingers, make sure your hands are clean."
There may be another entry tonight. Or there may not be......
♥ Crystal ♥

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sibling Rivalry??

I've always heard of sibling rivalry. I have always fought with my brother and I always won. But, nothing is like the emotional warfare he likes to throw at me. To tell me that I don't love my daughter and would never get her treatment for her eating disorder is absolutely absurd. Why would I ever let my daughter live like that? Why would I let my daughter make herself throw up and never do anything about it? Who has their kids? Who makes sure their kids have what they need to survive? Why would I spend the money to feed her 3 times a day, just so she could throw it back up? Sometimes, I really hate him. And I mean really HATE him! Sometimes I swear I was adopted cause how else could I ever be related to a cold, heartless son of a bitch like him? I wonder how he is even allowed to roam the earth free with his mentality! I've always heard that siblings fight like cats and dogs, but to hear his words, I would rather him punch me. Might hurt alot less. Anyone who knows me knows that my kids are the most important things to me. Anyone who knows me knows that my kids are the only reason I am still alive today. There have been so many times that I have actually considered ending my life but then I think of my kids and it saves me. What about his sons? I would do anything for those little boys, yet where is he in their life? No where to be seen! I see and do more for his oldest son than he does! And I would for the youngest too if his mama would let me! I should've been an only child. I never want my kids to have sibling rivalry this bad.

And in closing, my quote for the day:
"Sometimes people put up walls not to keep others out.... But see who cares enough to tear them down."


Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Ramblings of a Crazy Witch......

My quote for today:

"A true friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you today just the way you are." -- Anonymous

Such a wonderful life we would all have if everyone did that. Too bad most people don't. :o(

Ok, so my life has gotten completely complicated in the last couple of weeks. I have alot going on in my life, my mind, my heart..... It's just so much to sort out. Sometimes I think I'll die with this huge mass, yes I said MASS, laying on my heart and shoulders. It's an awful feeling all the way around.

I found out yesterday that my great-uncle passed away. Of what else? Cancer of course. Seems to be a trend in the men on my dad's side. Thankfully I was born me instead of my brother. He can deal with this awful, and apparently hereditary, line of cancer. I really hate that word. It takes too many great people from life. Why can't it strike the bad ones and take care of corporal punishment for us?

I had a long heart to heart with a good friend of mine. The only friend I made in church that I even speak to anymore (thanks for the talk, Amy!). I realized that somewhere along the way, I walked away from practicing Wicca. Now why on earth would I do that? I love Wicca. I love the peace it gave me. I was so much a happier person then. So that is this week's goal: to get back into practicing my Wicca. Welcome home Luna.........

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Well, I turned the big 3-0 today. Just another day to me for the most part. I went out to eat lunch with my best friend in the world, Crystal #2. We ate at a local resturaunt during her lunch break. We had a piece of blueberry cheesecake as my cake. Had a nice girl talk session. Afterwards I went and got my nails done. Then me, Chris and the kids rode to Virginia Beach and let the kids play at a park for a bit. Then we just rode until it was time for dinner. We ate dinner then I went to ride around with Cheyenne until she fell asleep. I then spent the last half hour of my birthday with the one person I wanted to spend the day with. Well, that was my big birthday.

I did get two early (and I mean early) morning texts wishing me happy birthday. One was my friend, Ashley and the other was the aforementioned special person. My own mother never called me. What a b*tch!!!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

New Endings

I recently heard a quote that made a large impact on my life. It's from Carl Bard (1907 - 1978), a Scottish Theologian.

"Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending." - Carl Bard

Very few will ever realize why this quote is so meaningful to me. That of course, is my secret to keep.

But, I know someone who has a not so wonderful past. And no matter how much they want to change it, they can't. And no matter how much I want to change it for them, I can't. But, they can start from now and change their ending. Which I hope they do.

♥ My Love ♥

Friday, July 25, 2008

Has Anyone Seen My Sanity?!?!

I just returned from a lovely trip to McDonald's. What is it about a chicken nugget that fascinates kids of all ages? So here I am at the drive thru ordering 40 nuggets! Wonder what they think inside?

So in the meantime I am still reeling over the state of our judicial system.Ok, so someone gets one too many parking tickets and they, the unfortunate souls that they are, get a lovely vacation to the local jail. But someone, namely my wonderful perfect little brother, can steal from people, fraud people, use other people's credit cards - all just for a playstation 3 and some steaks - and get probation. Probation added on to the 10 years probation he already has! Where is the fairness of that? I guess the moral of this story is to steal but don't speed, right?

Now, people automatically assume I have lost my sanity when I simply say that I home school my children. Well, 2 for the time being. Now, why would I have lost my sanity over that? I would lose my sanity faster by sending my children to the sorry excuse of a school we have here and subjecting them to the BS that goes on. But, now to add to teaching my 2 oldest that are in 1st and 4th grades, as well as teaching preschool to my 2 3-year olds and taking care of my 2 9-month olds, I, myself am going back to college. That's right my friends, I am going back to school full time. I have decided that it is high time I finish what I started 12 years ago. My first plan is to get my degree in Accounting. Accountants make good money, correct? Then I also want a degree in Business Management and another in Resturaunt Management. Can we tell that my ultimate goal in life is to own my own Resturaunt. I need to go back to school for many reasons. First and foremost its high time I made something of my life. I need to be something besides Wife and Mommy. Even if they are wonderful titles, I need to get the identity of Crystal back as well. Second, I need a way to one day support myself and be able to stand on my own 2 feet. Tomorrow is not guaranteed and nothing is for certain. And third, I need something that is going to make me feel good about myself.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

I am that girl......

Flowers are beautiful, but I'd rather hear that I'm beautiful. Chocolate is sweet but to me cuddling is sweeter. Jewels sparkle but seeing your love for me sparkle in your eyes is worth all the money in the world to me.

You ask yourself what are you looking for in life. A woman who loves you uncondtionally; never asks you for anything. I am that girl. A woman who looks past your mistakes and still sees the good in you. I am that girl. A woman who is proud to say that you are her man. I am that girl. A woman who notices the small things. I am that girl. A woman who chooses being with you over all material possessions. I am that girl.