Thursday, December 25, 2008

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Accounting Workbook for Dummies

I normally don't do product/movie/anything reviews, but this one is worth the time! I went to Barnes and Noble about my books for the semester and wandered through the Accounting book section. Now, I got behind in Accounting last semester because I didn't ask for help when I first needed it. This semester I have 2 Accounting classes. I decided that I needed to do some remediation. I quickly glanced through the shelves and settled on this book:


I am only partway through the first chapter and feel as if I am learning so much. It explains a subject then gives you sample problems. It also has detailed answers so you can see how the answer is what is. This book is for someone who has a background in accounting, not for a first timer.

Monday, December 15, 2008

And the Decision Has Been Made......

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After much thinking and debating, I have made a decision as to where I will call home. And I, know that this is the state's older license plate but it was the only blank one I could find so that I could "personalize" it. So.................................
I am........................................
staying in LOUISIANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Although the area I am in right now is growing on me, I am leaning more towards Houma/New Orleans/Slidell areas. I don't know if I could live in such an isolated area such as where I am currently. I know I said my dream location is Corpus Christi, but I am close enough. The way I figure it, I am only 9 - 10 hours from there. That's easily a weekend get-away or vacation. So, I am content with naming Louisiana as my new home. Now, on to looking for a place to rent.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Back in Paradise....... Almost

Anyone who knows me, or at least has known me in the last 2 years, knows that my favorite place in the world is Corpus Christi, Texas. I love it there! The night we were supposed to leave there during our vacation in 2006, I cried so much that Chris agreed we could stay another night. And I still cried the night we actually left there. My dream is to get back there - to live. Although I know I cannot afford the houses there that I absolutely love, I just can't see myself living anywhere else but there. And, right now, I am 568 miles or 9 1/2 hours away from it! I got excited as I got near Biloxi, MS. I remembered driving there before and the way it smelled, looked, everything. I would love to be there again. Hopefully while I am here in Louisiana, I can get to Corpus Christi for a visit.

This is a picture I took from my hotel balcony in 2006. This is Corpus Christi Bay. Believe it or not, my hotel was a $60/night Super 8 and we had this awesome view!

As for Louisiana, I am in the most boring town in the whole state! There is nothing here and I mean NOTHING! I saw a lawn decorated for Christmas with a crab and shrimp. And a sign advertising ALLIGATOR SAUSAGE! WTF is that?? Never mind, I really do not want to know!

So, here's to hoping that I soon am back in paradise. Or what my version of paradise is........... Although, Louisiana wasn't that bad, until I got out of New Orleans and realized that my home for the next 3 months is in a swamp!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

From DC to SC

Sunday night Chris got the call from his boss that he needed to leave DC and go back to Charleston. So, Monday morning we pack up and head out. Now, this is a 9 hour journey. Yay for me! So, about 15 minutes into this trip I decide to start the License Plate game. 600 miles and 9 hours later, I successfully found 40 states, DC and 3 different locations in Canada (are they called provinces?). Chris swears he saw Alaska while I was napping. He very well may have, but I didn't so it didn't count. LOL

I have narrowed it down to 4 places I would live and possibility of another. The possible one depends on how I like Louisiana when I get there. The other 4 in order of preference are Corpus Christi, TX; Charleston, SC; Elizabethtown, NC; and Mooresville, NC. So one of these plates could be in my future:

I also saw a few good movies the last few days: The Comebacks (ok, wasn't good good but it was good enough for a laugh);, 27 Dresses (, Hairspray (, and Charlie Wilson's War (

On the down side, we never got to finish what we wanted done in Washington, DC. I am hoping to go back there, but more along the lines of Spring time. It was rather chilly to be walking around the city with the babies. I still had about a week's worth of stuff left to do. Hopefully, soon....

I have 25 quizzes as well as an Extra Credit assignment due on Thursday for my Business Law I class. Talk about procrastination. I have done about 10 quizzes and have not even begun my EC assignment. I guess I really need to be doing that right now. So, off I go.........