Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Connor -- Day 5 -- Coming Home!!!!


Connor Jamison
5 days old

Well, we did it! No more episodes, bilirubin was good. It was still elevated, but good enough to leave. So, we'll be going home this afternoon! Yay!!!

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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Connor -- Day 4

Connor Jamison
4 days old
I woke up today with the worst feeling ever. I was going to be discharged and my baby was not. I was in tears all morning. I could barely find it in me to even get up and go to the NICU. I was told at 11:45 am that I was not allowed in the NICU at the time because the doctor was making his rounds. For some reason, this quack cannot do anything in front of a parent. Really irked me. Later on, when I went back, the neonatology nurse practitioner came to talk to us. She told me that as long as Connor didn't have another episode with his heart rate and oxygen levels and as long as his bilirubin level was good, he could come home tomorrow. Great! And now, even better - it's policy that baby room with mommy the night before discharge. Yea! I was told I would be able to stay again tonight and have Connor with me! I was informed that his nurse would bring him to me around 7-8 pm and let me know what was going on.
At 8 pm, his nurse brought him down with a list of instructions (ok, I knew all of this already but I humored her simply because I was excited to have my baby with me!). I was supposed to feed him 2.5 oz every 3 hours and document. I had to change his diaper before every feeding and document what was in it. I had to change his pulse ox reader from one foot to the next at every feeding. He was still hooked up to the monitors overnight, but I didn't care. He was with me!
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Monday, March 1, 2010

Connor -- Day 3

Connor Jamison
3 days old
My Glo-Baby
My doctor came in to check on me this morning. He says that my incision is healing nicely and all else with me is going well. He also said that the NICU doctor told him last night that Connor would probably go home tonight or tomorrow. That cheered me up.
Then, I called the NICU this morning and was told that Connor had one setback at 7 am of his heart rate and oxygen levels dropping. And his bilirubin level was high. I was told it would be at least 48 hours before they would consider letting him come home. Tomorrow is my last day here. I have to be discharged tomorrow night. So, I was back to square 1 and upset about leaving my baby boy behind. I went to the NICU to see him and he was in the incubator under the phototherapy lights. I couldn't hold him except to feed him then he had to go right back in. It was so heartbreaking to me.........
I really hate the doctors in the NICU. They have NO interaction with the parents whatsoever. The nurses are really helpful and will tell you whatever was done that day or charted. But, what if I have a question that they can't answer? What then? Grrrrrr..................