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Happy Father's Day!!!

Happy Father's Day to the fathers in my life:

Chris, the father of my 6 babies:

Charles, My Daddy:

Bill, My Father-in-law:

Monday, June 8, 2009

Jeremy Shockey News from 2009 Mini Camp

Anyone who knows me knows that my favorite NFL player is Jeremy Shockey, the TE for the New Orleans Saints. This past weekend they had a Mini-Camp and here are the updates about him from it:

Day 1: Morning

* TE Jeremy Shockey was very involved this morning, making several nice catches and runs after the catch.

* Shockey getting loose down the seam on the final play of practice against the reserves for a long reception.

Day 1: Afternoon

* TE Jeremy Shockey catching a pass in the flat and turning it upfield, muscling his way past pursuing defenders.

* Shockey making a sliding 20-yard catch between the safeties on a pass from Brees.


Day 2

* TE Jeremy Shockey making a nice catch and run for a nice gain.

* Shockey catching a pass in front of Sharper, who reached in and wrestled Shockey for the ball as the two fell to the grass field. Shockey retained possession of the ball.


Day 3

* TE Jeremy Shockey made two nice receptions during the second portion of the team drills.


Head Coach Sean Payton Talks About Shockey

Q. Is this the Jeremy Shockey that you wanted to get, the player we saw on the field today?

A. “It was our first practice and he’s healthy, so you were able to see him move around better. But it’s early and we’ll see.”

Q. Is he as healthy right now as he has been since you traded for him?

A. “I think that’s true. He came here off the injury in New York and then he had the sports hernia. There has been enough time between both of those injuries now to where if he’s not 100%, he’s getting back into a rhythm.”

Q. Has he been at the OTAs?

A. “We had four OTAs that he was excused from. I use that term although he doesn’t have to be excused from them. There were four OTAs that he wasn’t able to be at, and we’re here at minicamp with eight more OTAs left.”

Q. What was your reaction to Shockey’s hospitalization? Did you talk to him?

A. “No, I didn’t. I’m sure I’ll have a chance to visit with him here. Really, outside of that, I know it happened on the weekend and out of town. What’s important is that he’s healthy and he gets back to what we’re doing here and getting on the same page with what we’re doing offensively and our quarterback. These repetitions for him – not only at the minicamp but at these next OTAs – are going to be important, especially coming off his injury.”

Q. Are you happy with his attitude throughout the offseason?

A. “This is the first offseason to my knowledge that he’s been around and been working. I would speak first from a group standpoint and I say this at the team meeting last night, we have a chance to where we’re over 35 players now that are over 100% of the workouts and that’s probably double where we have been in the last two or three years. This is the first year where everyone has been here; in other words we haven’t had a player holding out or not involved. There are various degrees of how much each player has been involved, but overall it has been our best offseason by far.”