Friday, July 25, 2008

Has Anyone Seen My Sanity?!?!

I just returned from a lovely trip to McDonald's. What is it about a chicken nugget that fascinates kids of all ages? So here I am at the drive thru ordering 40 nuggets! Wonder what they think inside?

So in the meantime I am still reeling over the state of our judicial system.Ok, so someone gets one too many parking tickets and they, the unfortunate souls that they are, get a lovely vacation to the local jail. But someone, namely my wonderful perfect little brother, can steal from people, fraud people, use other people's credit cards - all just for a playstation 3 and some steaks - and get probation. Probation added on to the 10 years probation he already has! Where is the fairness of that? I guess the moral of this story is to steal but don't speed, right?

Now, people automatically assume I have lost my sanity when I simply say that I home school my children. Well, 2 for the time being. Now, why would I have lost my sanity over that? I would lose my sanity faster by sending my children to the sorry excuse of a school we have here and subjecting them to the BS that goes on. But, now to add to teaching my 2 oldest that are in 1st and 4th grades, as well as teaching preschool to my 2 3-year olds and taking care of my 2 9-month olds, I, myself am going back to college. That's right my friends, I am going back to school full time. I have decided that it is high time I finish what I started 12 years ago. My first plan is to get my degree in Accounting. Accountants make good money, correct? Then I also want a degree in Business Management and another in Resturaunt Management. Can we tell that my ultimate goal in life is to own my own Resturaunt. I need to go back to school for many reasons. First and foremost its high time I made something of my life. I need to be something besides Wife and Mommy. Even if they are wonderful titles, I need to get the identity of Crystal back as well. Second, I need a way to one day support myself and be able to stand on my own 2 feet. Tomorrow is not guaranteed and nothing is for certain. And third, I need something that is going to make me feel good about myself.

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