Thursday, February 5, 2009

Am I Spoiled?

Well, yes I am!!

What did I say was on my wish list? My Jeremy Shockey jerseys? Well, yes I did get one of them!
The front:
The Back:

Went back to find a white one too, but they didn't have any. Need to go look at other places for it. And more of my spoiling: New laptop, new inkjet printer, and saints cell phone case. Next is more jerseys and my saints hat.

And now, for a good laugh. Chris' co-worker went to Bourbon Street one night and was so drunk that he forgot to shut his door. So, what else should we do? Walk in and take a picture of course!


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Tiffiney said...

wow girl you have been it...being spoiled is great when it happens!! love the pic at the