Saturday, February 28, 2009

And I am Continously Spoiled.....

I am kind of doing my posts out of order, but I need to take some pictures of my Mardi Gras goodies before I can do my post on my Mardi Gras experience. So, I will do this post first.

Now, as I said in my previous post, my husband surprised me for Valentine's Day by letting me have a "mini shopping spree", then surprised me with balloons and candy. Well, my spoiling didn't stop there. On Sunday, February 15th, he bought me dinner at Olive Garden. Granted, we ate it in our hotel lobby, it was still sweet. And while this may seem strange, on the 17th he paid for me to have 4 body piercings done (eyebrow, nose, labret, and navel) and on the 19th I got 2 tattoos. After that it was Mardi Gras weekend and then Fat Tuesday so there wasn't much surprising and shopping then.

Now, on February 27th, I get more. It's still a debate on whether it is still Valentine's spoiling or an early Anniversary gift. First, I really hated my cell phone. We got them because they were cheap and affordable at the time. I really missed my QWERTY keyboard for texting (I LOVE to text!), so we went looking. I had found one online for a decent price but honestly it wasn't what I wanted. So, after looking at AT&T, I went to Best Buy and went ahead and paid for the Samsung Pantech Matrix. Love it so far. Then I had to take the 2 pair of wrong sized pants back to the Black and Gold store. Since they were sale items I could only exchange rather than refund. So, I chose a Saints outfit (pants, tank top and jacket). I also REALLY wanted an authentic jersey which normally run $225. Well, they had them on sale so I got that too; Jeremy Shockey #88 of course. The next "gift" is kinda for both, but mainly for me. Soon, Chris has to leave for a couple of months while they wait for the next phase of this project. So, he bought the Tom Tom One XL GPS for me to use while he is gone. I can literally get lost anywhere! That was really all that was bought today.

He also took me by New Orleans Daiquiri Shop and I got me a 32 oz. Mudslide. Gotta love Louisiana and their drive thru Daiquiri shops!

Tomorrow I want to go to Grand Isle to see the Gulf. Doubt it, but I can hope.

Well, here is a picture of "The Swamp". Ok, it's Leeville where hubby is working. LOL



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