Friday, August 15, 2008

The Seasons

Here is another of my sappy love poems.

The Seasons
There was a time
when the wind was blowing
and people were glowing.
The air had a chill,
and love was such a thrill.
There was a time
but fall leaves,
and in love I no longer believe.
Now, there's snow on the ground,
and love is all around.
My heart is so cold,
and I feel so, so old.
The spring comes and the ground unthaws,
yet I'm reminded of all my flaws.
I wish you were gone,
and that my love wasn't used as a pawn.
My heart is as fragile as glass,
I only hope the hurt will soon pass.
Summer soon arrives,
a time in which to feel so alive.
The days so hot,
full of memories of a love I never forgot.
My heart still surrounded by walls,
my heart still determined not to fall.
The seasons come and go,
everyday I just go with the flow.
My love for you will never end.
And to you, all my love I send.
And I can only hope that within the next season,
you and I find a way to each other.
To me there is no reason
why we can't be with one another.
♥ Crystal, the Italian Bella ♥

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