Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sibling Rivalry??

I've always heard of sibling rivalry. I have always fought with my brother and I always won. But, nothing is like the emotional warfare he likes to throw at me. To tell me that I don't love my daughter and would never get her treatment for her eating disorder is absolutely absurd. Why would I ever let my daughter live like that? Why would I let my daughter make herself throw up and never do anything about it? Who has their kids? Who makes sure their kids have what they need to survive? Why would I spend the money to feed her 3 times a day, just so she could throw it back up? Sometimes, I really hate him. And I mean really HATE him! Sometimes I swear I was adopted cause how else could I ever be related to a cold, heartless son of a bitch like him? I wonder how he is even allowed to roam the earth free with his mentality! I've always heard that siblings fight like cats and dogs, but to hear his words, I would rather him punch me. Might hurt alot less. Anyone who knows me knows that my kids are the most important things to me. Anyone who knows me knows that my kids are the only reason I am still alive today. There have been so many times that I have actually considered ending my life but then I think of my kids and it saves me. What about his sons? I would do anything for those little boys, yet where is he in their life? No where to be seen! I see and do more for his oldest son than he does! And I would for the youngest too if his mama would let me! I should've been an only child. I never want my kids to have sibling rivalry this bad.

And in closing, my quote for the day:
"Sometimes people put up walls not to keep others out.... But see who cares enough to tear them down."


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MomiOf3Girls said...

girl i have to agree with you and think you were adopted because between your brother and your mother you are nothing like them. and im sorry you have to put up with them. i didnt know one of the girls was making herself throw up. we need to talk more! *hugs* you know where to find me if you need to talk about anything k?