Friday, February 5, 2010

35 Week Appointment, Part 2

As I said on Tuesday, they wanted to see me again today for a growth scan, NST and general appointment. I got there a little early and had to, of course, sit around and wait. They finally decided to take me back and start doing something, anything to move time along. So, first they did my weight. It was the same as Tuesday, no change. I still have a slight UTI, but it's looking better. Then they hooked me up to the NST monitor and I got so nauseous. I have no idea why, but I couldn't find a way to lay without wanting to hurl. Plus, I was having trouble catching my breath. They made me lay there for 30 minutes like that. A couple times I had the uterine activity number up to 100 just shifting and trying to sit up. I have no clue how they got an accurate reading. Then they sent me back to the ultrasound room. I did get a few pictures, but can't scan them until I get my computer back (the one the scanner is loaded on). I know I got one of his nose and that's only because she labelled it. There is one of his arm and his hand balled into a fist. And one of his foot. As for the others, your guess is as good as mine! They approximate his weight to be 6 lbs, 6 oz. He is measuring around 38-39 weeks in size. Then I went back into the exam room. The doctor came in and started talking to me. he said that I seem to have more fluid than normal, but that it wasn't a problem. He said the baby was now head down and hopefully would stay that way. Why? I'm having a repeat c-section and it should already be scheduled by now. Then he said by mid-March I should have a baby. No, I should be having it sooner since my due date is actually March 10th! I really didn't feel good from nauseousness, so I didn't argue. However, I will be bringing these things up at my next appointment. It's like he never read my chart.

I go back on Tuesday for another appointment (exam) and NST.

As soon as I get my laptop back and scan the ultrasounds, I'll be posting them.

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Jane said...

Congratulations on baby Connor