Sunday, February 28, 2010

Connor -- Day 2

Connor Jamison
2 days old
Day 2 and back to the NICU I go. I could have been released today, but I chose not to. I can technically stay until Tuesday and I will if that's how long they keep Connor. I got to hold him today. He is off the oxygen and GI tube and in a regular nursery crib, just still in the NICU. I was so happy to hold him, finally. And I got to feed him his bottles. I was so overjoyed. Now, to just get him out of the NICU and home.....
I found out from my doctor that my uterus was about to rupture on Friday. Good thing he bumped me up to Friday over Tuesday. I don't even want to think about what may have happened to me if I had to wait those 4 extra days! I guess that's what "Now" meant. Nice to know. Thank goodness I am done with babies.
On another note, I am pretty sure that I will be banned from this place after my discharge. Me and one nurse had a little issue. Ok, not so little considering I locked myself in the bathroom and refused to come out! It happened really early yesterday morning. They took my catheter out Friday night. I was told I had to pee twice in 12 hours, they had to check and make sure I did or I would have to be re-catheterized. Ummmm.... whatever. I went once Saturday morning around 545 am. It was just a little; remember now on Thursday I was told I had a UTI coming. She came in around 6 and told me that I had to pee again before 7 am or she was going to put the catheter back in. So, at 7 I went to the bathroom and guess what -- I couldn't pee. Now, this is really no one's business, but ever since I was about 5 or so, I would go to the bathroom to pee twice or occasionally 3 times a day. That's it (well unless I was preggers). I don't know why and it always infuriated my parents. It actually irritates Chris as well, but hey, its the way I have ALWAYS been. So, the nurse knocked on the door and told me to come on out and she would do my catheter. Whatever -- I don't think so! I just stayed in the bathroom with the door locked. She kept knocking and telling me to come on; I kept not answering. Finally, she said "I'll just tell the doctor you refused the catheter." I said "You do that. I pee twice a day. You missed it this morning." She left. I peed a couple of hours later. She came in when her shift started tonight and said "I guess you proved me wrong." Well, yeah I guess I did. Never saw her the rest of the night. She was my nurse for the night, but she sent another one in with my meds. Teehee.... don't mess with the hormonal post-partum mommy!
Well, here's to hoping that little man is able to come out of NICU soon!! I miss not having my baby with me in the hospital room. I hate the feeling of knowing that he's not in me anymore and he's not with me either.......
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