Tuesday, February 2, 2010

35 Week Appointment

Well, it was actually 34 weeks, 6 days. But, who's counting? I got there about half an hour early and they took me back 15 minutes earlier than my appointment time. Surprising.... My weight was 208 which was 2 lbs less than last week. Now, me and Chris have been having this debate because honestly I have never been over 200 lbs in my life; not even when I was pregnant with twins. He told me I would eventually get to that point. However, I reminded him that *my* weight was still technically under 200 lbs once you add in Connor's weight and the weight of the placenta, fluid and other pregnancy things. So, ha. They never tell me numbers when they do things, but anyways -- I had protein in my urine, elevated blood pressure and swollen ankles. So, of course, they are thinking pre-eclampsia. I had my NST as well. It showed Connor's HB to be around 140 bpm. It also showed several contractions within a 10 minute period. Not strong contractions, but enough to have them worried. I told her (the midwife) that I don't feel pain with them, my back doesn't hurt (normally doesn't until my water breaks) and there has been no bleeding, loss of fluid or plug discharge. So, she decided that I needed a cervical exam. Oh, fun..... so she did that and I am 2 cm dilated but 0% effaced (thankfully). I also have a UTI and she prescribed antibiotics for that.

I go back on Thursday (2 days) for an ultrasound, another NST and to check my BP again.


Michele said...

Take care of yourself...it won't be long now! And keep us posted:-)

Jolene said...

Sometimes a UTI can cause you have contractions as well. Praying babe stays in there a little bit longer. Oh the lovely swollen ankles, fluid retention and slightly elevated BP. I have been dealing with it since Christmas...its almost over though!