Friday, February 26, 2010

Delivery Day!!!!!!!

I got to the hospital at 5 am and went into my "delivery waiting room". They put the monitors on me, started my IV and did my catheter (have I ever mentioned how bad that procedure hurts?!?!?). I laid there waiting..... I got nauseous once and I still have no idea why. At 7 am the nurse came in to tell me that I was the next one to go (I was #3 out of 4) and explain the procedure to us (ok.......). They came in to get me around 730 am to take me to the OR to get my spinal and then would let Chris in and do the c-section. It took them almost 30 minutes to do my spinal! Now, me + big needle + my spine = tense. So, to keep me from tensing up the nurses were attempting a conversation with me. Of course, they start with the most frequent question - "Is this your first?" I said no and another nurse made the comment that this was my 7th. The first nurse responded with "Wow! You must be Catholic!" WTF? I simply replied "Why, yes I am!" (I was baptized Catholic and attended a Catholic church for the first 15 years of my life). So, 30 minutes, 2 anesthesiologists and 1 stupid comment later, I am finally laying on the table ready to go. But, wait.... I could still feel my feet. I racked my brain trying to remember if I could feel my feet with my last c-section. I couldn't remember. I saw the doctor walk towards me and say he was getting to start. No!!! I can still feel my feet! The anesthesiologist asked if I could feel where the doctor just cut. No... Wait, you can't cut yet! Where's Chris..... The nurse assures me that he is on his way in. The doctor says Now. I'm thinking to myself, "Oh God, what? What does now mean? Where's Chris? Hey, I can't feel my feet anymore. But, where's my husband?" Then I hear, "That's a big baby!" I hear him cry and then Chris appears. Chris tells me that the baby has my feet (I have really strange looking feet... Poor kid). I was also getting a tubal, so there was quite a bit of time I just laid there while they took care of that part. I remember the nurse bringing Connor over and asking us what name had we chosen. Chris told her Connor and she said "Say hello to Connor." That was one of the happiest moments of my life (and obviously I have had several!). He looked so sweet and adorable. I immediately noticed the cleft in the chin, just like Chris. Chris held him while I rubbed his little cheek. Then the nurse came to take him and Chris said it was because he was breathing heavy. They finished up my tubal and "put me back together". I don't remember much; I was going in and out.

They took me back to my "waiting room". Around 10 am the neonatologist came in and said that they were concerned about Connor's breathing and were putting him in the NICU. He assured me that it was just for observation and that he required no oxygen or such. Then it came time for Chris to leave and get back to the girls. I was left all alone. They finally moved me to my post-partum room. I asked about Connor and when I could see him. The nurse told me that if I could get up and stand up without feeling faint or light-headed, that she could wheel me down to the NICU right then. So, I did it. I got out of that bed, by myself and stood up alone. It hurt like hell, but I did it! I went to see my son.

When I got to the NICU, I did not see what I was told. My son was laying there in the bed with a nasal cannula and a GI tube. The nurse told me that the tube was to remove fluid from his stomach. He was also connected to an IV. I was told that he was also on antibiotics because they believed he got an infection from me (they rattled off a bunch of possible ones. The doctor did tell me on Thursday that I had another UTI starting and that was one they said it could be from). I sat in my wheel chair (still had my catheter) and touched his arm. This was one of the worst moments of my life. I went back to my room, feeling 110% miserable. My baby wouldn't be in there with me.

Connor Jamison S.
2/26/2010 @ 817 am
8 lbs, 10 oz. 19.25" long


Hayley said...

He is so beautiful, even with those tubes! Congrats!

Hope he's doing okay now...

Christina said...

Ah sweetie, he's perfect. I hope you guys are both doing a little better. xoxo

Jane said...

Congratulations on Connor
He's a cutie