Friday, April 2, 2010

Connor -- 5 Weeks Old

Connor Jamison
5 weeks old
Connor turned 5 weeks today. Time is flying by so quickly. But, I didn't expect anything less considering this is my last baby and I want to enjoy the baby years as much as possible. He now eats anywhere from 4-10 oz at a time and anywhere from every 2-4 hours. His size 1 diapers (that he has been wearing since birth) are now too tight around the waist. His 0-3 months clothes are starting to get too small, except for pants. They are too long! So, he's short and chunky! LOL
And here's what I was talking about with his toes. He has the big gap between his big toe and 2nd toe just like me. Poor thing. I was teased relentlessly about it.


More pictures here.

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