Friday, April 16, 2010

Little Man is 7 weeks old!

Well, today my little man turned 7 weeks old. Seven weeks?!?!? Where has the time gone? It seems like just yesterday I was up here updating about a pre-natal appointment! He went through a little episode earlier in the week where he wouldn't eat -- at all. I was so concerned. So, first I tried a little pedialyte. He wouldn't even drink that. So, out of desperation, I tried a different bottle nipple. Guess what? He drank not only the 2 oz. of pedialyte I had in the bottle but 10 oz. of milk. Little booger has decided that he preferred this nipple instead of this nipple; when for the last 6 weeks, it had been reversed. He's a pudgy little thing, but still short. His 0-3 months clothes are a tad tight around the waist. He can wear 3-6 months shirts with no problems. But, 3-6 months pants are way too long! LOL

So, here he is:



Christina said...

Cutie!!! :)

Mom23Girls1Boy said...

he is too cute...and all my kids have been picky about nipples...vanessa only liked the fat nipples and hayden for a LONG time would only drink for the original shaped nipples he would spit the fat ones out and refuse to eat too...