Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What I Learned This Week....

I think this totally random meme is a wonderful thing. A wonderful mommy blogger I have been following for awhile now -- Julie from From Inmates to Playdates -- hosts this on her blog. Anyways, I kinda digressed a bit to give her a shout-out, but I think this meme was a wonderful idea because hey, you learn at least one new thing a day. Why not share it with the world.....

Now, what have I learned this week.

1 ~ Well, I learned that auditing is not for me. So, when I finish my degrees and begin working and my boss tries to assign me to an audit file, I will probably quit on the spot. I - WANT - NO - PART - OF - IT! And to elaborate a little more on this, I have learned that I am incapable of having a fraudulent thought. I could not for the life of me figure out how Netflix could fix the books for a financial gain. Hmmmmm......

2 ~ I learned that the KFC Double Down Sandwich is not worth a repeat purchase. I know, I know.... It was bad for me anyway, but I just had to try it. And although it was edible and didn't taste that bad, it is just not something I will buy again. Thanks for the thought, Colonel, but I'll just stick with my regular grilled meal. Thanks....

3 ~ I learned that your "friends" aren't always your friends. I have made it a point not to speak to a group of friends in almost 3 weeks. 3 weeks people! And do you know how many of them have bothered to see if anything was wrong? Not a one. Sounds petty, but hey, if they aren't my friends then I am not missing anything by not talking to them, right?

4 ~ I have learned that no matter what your stance in a disagreement is, that your friends will make you choose between them. And I have also learned that if you choose to remain neutral, then they will choose sides for you. It's kind of depressing, but I learned this little gem last night. Want to know how? I went to leave them a comment on facebook and found out that I was no longer on their friends list. Hmmmm...... sure..... okay. Kind of reminds me of a page I became a fan of the other day -- You're angry at me for that? That's cool,just let me know when you grow up! I mean I haven't done anything to you.....

5 ~ I have learned that it is perfectly acceptable for a grown sports broadcaster to announce on national television that "He (the basketball player) got hit in the grill." Really?? In his grill..... what happened to "mouth"? Leave the grill for street talk. Those poor old folk who were watching were probably confused.....

6 ~ I have learned that the more kids you have, the less you will sleep. I know, many of you may already know this, but I can hope. It seems that at least one of my kids is always up needing something......... Oh, to sleep again........

7 ~ I have learned that I need to trade in some parent reward points for a copy of "How to survive living with a pre-teen girl." Any suggestions????

Be sure to check back next Tuesday to see what I have learned this week......

And be sure to check Julie's blog - From Inmates to Playdates - to see what others have learned this past week.


Julie From Inmates said...

Wondering if any of the friends have called to see if anything's wrong yet? That's quite a while for no one to be concerned. I only have 2 kids and don't get a full night's rest most nights, so, I can't imagine more than that. Oh, and I'm totally laughing about "in the grill - I was (working) in jail when I first heard that. =)

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