Sunday, April 18, 2010

QOTW - Leashes: For Kids or Dogs?

How do you feel about child harnesses?


■Do you use them? Why or why not?
No, I have NEVER used a child harness with any of my children. I kinda feel it treats them like a dog or other animal. And that is not my intentions as a mother at all. When it was just my one child, if she wasn't in a stroller, she held my hand. When baby #2 came along, I let my oldest "help" me push the stroller. Then each one held one of my hands. When Twins #1, came through, I let my second help push the stroller while my oldest (then 7/8 year old walk beside me). Now, you would think that when Twins #2 came, I would need leashes. Nope... At first we had another double stroller. My oldest always helped me (she was 9/10 when they were born and an infant). Then we moved them to single umbrella strollers. Set up was still easy. I pushed one and sometimes let my second push it. And my oldest pushed the other. The older twins usually held my hands (or the stroller handles if I was pushing). I have just never felt the NEED to use a leash. Besides, in my opinion, I think it looks rather silly.

■How do your kids react to them?
Well, I don't use them so they don' react much to them.They giggle when they see them on another child.

■Do you think they are an example of laziness, or simply concern over your child's safety?
I can see where technically it could be both. It really depends on the parent/child. Some parents are just too "busy" to keep up with their child so they use a leash. Some parents just find it simpler for their lifestyle. To each their own....

■If you are against them, do you think it's more acceptable for a parent of multiples to use them?
I am not for them or against them. I personally would never use them. I personally think it is embarrassing (for the child) and silly looking. But, another parent may find them needed in their life, so if its what they need then by all means -- whether you have 1 kid or multiples.

■Do you think negatively of other parents that use them?
No.We all parent differently. What may work for you doesn't necessarily mean it will work for me. As I said earlier - To each their own.


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Shell said...

I was against them- until I had kids!

We used one last summer at Disney World. We had our three kids with us- a 4.5 year old, a just turned 3 year old, and a just turned 1 year old. Our 3 year old has problems with processing things, so he didn't understand us telling him that he had to stay right with us in line for the rides. And we couldn't hold him the whole time(no strollers allowed in lines), so we did use his "monkey backpack" for that. It seemed like the safest way. And we were far from alone in using them at Disney World!

We only ever used it there and then places like that- like a really overcrowded zoo trip that we went on.

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