Monday, March 2, 2009

The Bachelor..... Who Cares?

Tonight was the final episode of the Bachelor Part 13 (seriously! 13 different bachelors in the past almost 7 years (3/25/02). I may get alot of criticism for this post, but you know what? I live in America, a free country, and I have the right to my own opinion.

The big question tonight was "Is Jason going to pick Melissa or Molly?" At the end of the episode, Jason proposed to Melissa. Then during the episode titled "After the Rose" (which is a recap/update of the season) he dumped Melissa and opted for Molly, claiming he made a mistake. Now, he's the most hated man in America because he publicly humilated Melissa. Hmmmm....... Now, let's think about this. He was a contestant on Season 4 of the Bachelorette. He proposed to Bachelorette Deanna Pappas, where she REJECTED him and chose the other contestant. Ok, maybe not the same humiliation as what he did to Melissa, but still. This man professed his love for a woman and was humiliated on national TV.

Second, let's look at the statistics. There have been 13 seasons of the Bachelor and 4 seasons of the Bachelorette. Of these 17 "couples", only ONE couple has gotten married and there are TWO planning to get married. And people get upset, because he dissed one woman for the other. That's pretty much a man thing. No need to get all flustered about it. All Melissa needs to do is hold her head high and move on. Obviously, Jason was not the man for her. She'll simply end up with her own season later on and she'll be able to dismiss men every week. And, Molly's chances of walking down the aisle seem to be slim to none, as shown by past seasons.

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Quite honestly, I could really care less if Jason chose Melissa, Molly, Mike, or just became metrosexual and loved only himeself! I have far other concerns to worry about than Jason and his poor little love life!


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