Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Octo-Mom: Enough is Enough!


Ok, so this woman has been plaguing my television for what, over a month now? You know who I'm talking about: Nadya Suleman, the Octo-Mom! I am all for the "have as many children as you CAN HANDLE" argument, but key words here -- can handle. She already had 6 kids under the age of 7, with 3 disabled! Why on earth would you want to add more to your plate?? I had admiration for her when I first heard about it. I was like "Wow, 8 babies at once! What a blessing!" Then I began hearing about her history -- unwed, living in a 3 bedroom house with her parents, un-employed, babies concieved through in-vitro. And then the kicker - she already had 6, so these 8 made her total 14! Oh, there is no way! Never!

So, naturally, I became intrigued with this story. Began researching her through the News websites. I find out that she was on welfare for the first 6 and yet, wanted more. Why keep having children for the taxpayers to pay for? I understand wanting to finish her master's degree, but come on! You need some sort of job to pay for your children's needs! That comes first! And what's the point of a master's degree when you'll never be able to use it because you can't afford to work when it comes to daycare! Daycare for 14 kids! OMG! I think that is more than what my husband makes in a year! And while we are at it, how did she pay for in-vitro? I pray that government medical did not foot this bill! I do not want my tax dollars paying for a single, unemployed mother of 6 to get in-vitro to add another 8 kids to the ones we are already paying for! Oh, never mind. I just found the answer: "An in-vitro procedure typically costs between $8,000 and $15,000. Asked on NBC how she was able to afford the treatments, Suleman said she had saved money and used some of the more than $165,000 in disability payments she received after being injured in a 1999 riot at a state mental hospital where she worked." (FoxNews.com 2/10/09) Hello, save your money and disability payments to provide for the children you already have!

And this comment: "She told NBC television in an interview broadcast Wednesday that her family receives no cash from the government and that the food stamps she's been receiving for 18 months are "not affiliated with welfare."" (FoxNews.com 2/11/09) Then what is it? I could've sworn that food stamps are WELFARE!

People like that just annoy me! Don't have babies you can't afford! Don't have babies and say "I'll support them with student loans and food stamps until I finish college." Don't expect someone to give you your own television show to support your babies. The Duggars had at least a dozen kids before they got a TV show. They supported them prior to that. Jon and Kate can support their 8 alone, without the show. Hell, we support 6 on my husband's income and we get no food stamps or anything else!

I'm sorry, but she is just looking for money and using those poor babies to get it! Like this story: "The mother of octuplets born in California last week is seeking $2 million from media interviews and commercial endorsements to help pay the costs of raising the children, the Times of London reported." (FoxNews.com 2/2/09) She was offered 24-hour nursing care for the kids for FREE and turned it down after she was told she wouldn't have a reality show! I cannot understand that but whatever! And how about this one: "The Web site features pictures of a rainbow, child's blocks and all eight of Suleman's newborns. Also prominently displayed on the Web site is a prompt for visitors to make a donation, noting that the "proud mother of 14" accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal." (CNN.com 2/12/09). Yeah, asking for OUR money to support HER children! Not hardly!

I just have no respect for a woman like Nadya! And the Duggars in a round about way don't think much about her either! (CNN.com 2/20/09).


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Anonymous said...

I think we've had enough now with this octo-person. Why on earth would things get so far as to let a no body, with the talent of exploiting having babies get famous? WHY? There's too many people on this earth who are losing their jobs and are in financial ruin and yet this person has manipulated the system into milking it for all she can! I think the media has helped this octo person have her wish. Being famous for no valid reason. This is ridiculous! Enough already, we're tired of hearing about this talentless person. We the TAX PAYERS should not be forced into having to help this person!
This psycho baby making money machine is now getting a house that is worth over half a million?
I don't know but do you think this is fair to other people whom truly need help and are not getting it?