Friday, December 11, 2009

100th Post! -- 100 Things About Me!


In honor of my 100th Blogger Post, I am posting 100 things about me, so are ya ready???

100 Things About Me!

  1. I am taller than my mother - by 5 inches. And have been since I was 13.
  2. My natural hair color is dark brown. I usually keep it auburn.
  3. I have two older half sisters and one younger brother. There is 9 years between me and my oldest sister, 6 years between me and my other sister and I am 5 years older than my brother.
  4. I met my husband when we were 10. I punched him after he told me "I'm god, worship me!"
  5. We didn't start dating until 7 years later when we 17.
  6. We got engaged a month and a half later on July 4th.
  7. I got pregnant with our first child 9 months after we started dating. It resulted in a miscarriage at 8 weeks.
  8. I got pregnant again 5 months later. This pregnancy resulted in a 8 lb, 11.5 oz baby girl born on her due date.
  9. I waited 3.5 years to get pregnant again. It resulted in a miscarriage at 6 weeks.
  10. I got pregnant again within a few weeks with my first set of twins. I lost one at 13 weeks to miscarriage/Vanishing Twin Syndrome. I carried the other to 41 weeks and delivered a 8 lb, 4 oz baby girl.
  11. I got pregnant with my second set of twins almost 2.5 years later. I carried them to 36 weeks. I delivered healthy twin girls, weighing in at 5 lbs, 12 oz. and 6 lbs, 8.5 oz.
  12. I got pregnant again a year later. It resulted in a miscarriage at 5 weeks.
  13. I got pregnant with my third set of twins 2 months later. I delivered another set of twin girls at 38 weeks weighing 7 lbs, 9 oz and 5 lbs, 8 oz. This was my only c-section.
  14. I got pregnant again 1.5 years later. I again had a miscarriage at 8 weeks.
  15. 2 months later I got pregnant again (current pregnancy). I am 27 weeks along with ONE BOY!
  16. My first job was as a waitress for an Italian Restaurant owned by family friends. Piece of advice -- Never work for friends!
  17. My favorite job was when I worked front desk for a bowling center. I loved all my regulars!
  18. I was once a Firefighter/EMT. I joined the same department my dad volunteered at 7 months after he retired.
  19. I have 3 nephews. The oldest is by my oldest sister; he is 18 years old. The second 2 are my brother's. They are both 2.
  20. Within 5 months, my parents gained 4 grandchildren. My brother's oldest was born in July 2007, my twins were born in October 2007 and my brother's second was born in November 2007. Yes, do the math -- my brother's kids are only 5 months apart -- 2 different baby mamas.
  21. I graduated with honors from high school.
  22. I applied to 2 colleges when I was a senior. The first was to the one I really wanted to go to: Campbell University in Buies Creek, NC. The second was to Virginia Tech for the simple fact to get some snotty people to shut up. I never had the desire to attend Va Tech.
  23. I was accepted to Campbell, had been assigned my room and roommate, but my finances fell through. I didn't go.
  24. My career desires changed numerous times through high school. I wanted to be a teacher, doctor, nurse, lawyer. Fourteen years later and my major is Accounting!
  25. I cook one mean lasagna. However, the recipe is not up for grabs. If I tell you, I must kill you!
  26. My husband would never try my lasagna until 3 years after we started dating. Now, he loves it.
  27. The only Italian dish I cannot cook is Chicken Marsala. Sigh......
  28. The only thing I will order from Olive Garden is the Stuffed Chicken Marsala. I have never ordered anything else.
  29. I currently have 9 piercings -- 3 in left ear, 2 in right ear, eyebrow, nose, tongue, labret. I used to have my navel done but took it out when I got preggo.
  30. I have 2 tattoos -- one on my left hand and one on my lower back.
  31. I still dream of having my "wedding". You know, the one with the fancy dress and all. Didn't get that the first time around.
  32. I think Lady Gaga is SCARY! Music is ok, she is scary as heck!
  33. I will not side with Kate Gosselin. She has issues herself and its not all Jon.
  34. People assume having lots of kids is hard. It's not! The hardest time I had was going from 1 to 2. After that it was a cake walk.
  35. I do not vaccinate my children. You ever want to know why? Look it up for yourself. I will not inject that crap into my kids' bodies!
  36. I was never scared of the swine flu. The government likes to scare you too much.
  37. All of my kids have dark hair, except one. She has dirty blonde.
  38. I will never touch Jagermeister again. I drank almost a gallon alone and get sick at the thought of it.
  39. Mardi Gras is my favorite holiday.
  40. I was born and raised in Virginia. I left there when I was 30. Never looked back.
  41. I now live in Southern Louisiana. Am I afraid of hurricanes? Nope.
  42. I live about 40 minutes from New Orleans. Visit there often.
  43. My favorite store is the Black and Gold Shop. I could spend way too much money in there.
  44. My favorite football team is the New Orleans Saints. Who dat, baby?!?!
  45. My favorite basketball team is the New Orleans Hornets. In my defense, I liked them when they were in Charlotte. Too bad they suck this year.
  46. My favorite hockey team is the Carolina Hurricanes.
  47. My favorite baseball team is the Atlanta Braves. This is the only sports team my husband and I agree on.
  48. My favorite college for sports is LSU. I also like Notre Dame football and I cheer for the University of Miami for my husband.
  49. My favorite athlete is Jeremy Shockey, TE for the Saints.
  50. I watch WWE and have watched some form of wrestling since I was a wee tot. My favorite current wrestler is Matt Hardy. Too bad he is nothing more than a punching bag right now.
  51. My dream car is a Mazda Miata.
  52. I want to visit Italy before I die.
  53. I could care less who Tiger Woods may or may not have slept with. Its none of my business and none of your business.
  54. I hate golf. Its one of the dumbest sports ever! Another reason I could care less about Tiger.
  55. I only like to play Nintendo game systems because I love Mario.
  56. I have owned all the Nintendo game systems: Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Nintendo64, the Game Cube, and the Wii.
  57. I have only owned 2 of the handheld Nintendo games: the GameBoy Advance SP and the Nintendo DS.
  58. We have also owned the PS and PS2 from Sony. I refuse to pay $400 for the PS3.
  59. I could beat Chris when we played James Bond games.
  60. I can beat him when we bowl on the Wii.
  61. My favorite ice cream is mint oreo.
  62. I was in heaven when Dairy Queen came out with the Thin Mint Blizzard.
  63. Raising Cane's has the best chicken -- EVER!
  64. My favorite color is pink.
  65. I amaze most men because I actually know something about football.
  66. I once had a drunken debate over how Jeremy Shockey was the greatest. I have no idea who won.
  67. I love the movie Gone With the Wind. Scarlett was the b*tch!
  68. I love the movie Twilight. I like New Moon too although it was a tad of a disappointment.
  69. I prefer books over the movies. I haven't found one yet where I prefer the movie over the book.
  70. I used to own every single John Grisham book. Need to start the collection again.
  71. I have been terrified of clowns since I saw Stephen King's, "It".
  72. I have been in Louisiana for a year and have not had crawfish yet.
  73. I also have not seen an alligator although I have been assured that they are in fact several within miles of me.
  74. I used to love Greek Mythology until I took it in college. Now, I loathe it.
  75. I had once started writing a book. I can't find the chapters I had written.
  76. I love using Accounting programs.
  77. I love seafood. Well, except for right now.
  78. I am 100% republican.
  79. No, I am not against Obama because of his race. It's because he's a dimwit.
  80. I do not believe in the death penalty. I do believe in the death penalty. Ok, I am conflicted over the death penalty.
  81. I was raised Catholic.
  82. I do not believe in abortion.
  83. I love taking long, hot baths.
  84. I do not like watching movies in a theater.
  85. I only like caramel popcorn. Well, except for right now.
  86. I love vanilla coke.
  87. I do not eat breakfast.
  88. I must have pulp in my orange juice.
  89. I once drove from Virginia to Corpus Christi, Texas. And back.
  90. I had never been in a plane until I was 29. I flew to Albuquerque, NM.
  91. Although I bowl great on the Wii, I can't bowl in real life. My husband is opposite. He can bowl in real life, but not on the Wii.
  92. I hate asking for help.
  93. I hate confrontation.
  94. I collect shot glasses.
  95. I used to collect angel figurines.
  96. I want to get my bachelor's and master's in Accounting from Tulane.
  97. I still consider going into corporate law.
  98. I have designed a restaurant and bar. Still waiting to formulate my financial plan to start it.
  99. I prefer to forget where I came from. I left there for a reason.
  100. I love to watch Law and Order:SVU. USA runs a marathon every Tuesday from 7 am CST - 11 pm CST.

I hope you learned something about me!



Amanda said...

Thanks for sharing all 100 things about yourself!!!

Julie said...

Vanilla coke??? Um, no thanks! I enjoyed your list though!!! I'm still stuck back at 3 sets of twins... wow. just wow.

Sarah said...

Lucky for your kids that other kids are vaccinated. If we were all like you then all those terrible diseases will never get eradicated.