Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thursday 13 -- 13 Questions I Always Hear


13 Questions I Always Hear

These are in relation to my children, pregnancy or parenting style.

  1. Did you intentionally name all your children with "C" names? - At first no. When our oldest was born, my husband named her Crystina after the both of us. We were young; we didn't think of future kids. When our second was born, I named her after my Nanny which happened to be Carolyn. Then our first set of twins came along and I named Twin B (definite girl at 20 week u/s) Charlotte after my granddaddy, Charles. We decided that since this was it for us, then Baby A should have a C name as well and we chose Caitlyn. Surprise! We got pregnant with Twins Part 2. At first, if they were girls, we were going to name them Alexandria and Brooke. But then, hubby decided they both should follow the C tradition and he named them Cheyenne and Courtney. When we found out I was pregnant this time, we knew it would be a C.
  2. Do twins run in your family? - Well, since I have 2 sets, they apparently do now! But, before me - No, no other twins.
  3. Did you use fertility drugs? - Not that it's any of your business, but no I did not use fertility drugs. They were conceived 100% all natural!
  4. How did you get twins? - I prayed to the fertility god? Well, in all honesty, if they are identical then it would mean my fertilized egg split into 2 separate babies. If they are fraternal then my ovaries released 2 eggs and they both got fertilized. I can't really explain it any other way.
  5. Wow, you've been pregnant a lot! You must really love pregnancy, huh? - Nope. In fact I hate being pregnant!
  6. Are you done? - Again really none of your business, but yes, I am done. I said that once I get my boy I was done. He's coming, so it's a done deal.
  7. Don't you have a hobby? - Sure, I do. But, I also have a marriage. And, um, well intimacy is a part of that.
  8. So, why did you decide to home school? - Because I'm a controlling human being and wanted my kids with me 24/7. No, I AM KIDDING!! I decided to home school because the school system in VA sucked and the ones in LA are no better. I can teach them just as much, if not more, at home. And so we do.
  9. Did you always want so many kids? - H-E-C-K No! I wanted 2 - a boy and a girl. Haha! Joke's on me. I take what I got and I'm happy.
  10. Are they identical? (referring to my oldest twins) - Honestly, your guess is as good as mine! I have not a clue. Some doctors say yes, some say no. I never had the genetic test done.
  11. How many months are between these two? (referring to my youngest twins) - 30 seconds! Yes, my friends they are twins. I understand its hard to believe that one is a chunky, dirty blonde, blue-eyed mama's girl and the other is a skinny, dark skinned, dark haired, brown eyed, long legged girl. I understand that it is strange when I buy clothes for them and one is a 3T and the other is 18 months. But, that's how they are! And, no they are not identical, so skip that question.
  12. Why no boys? - I really don't know. I guess the hubby's male swimmers were not that great of swimmers. My dad swears that Mt Dew plays a role in this. I just say, its whatever!
  13. Do you know what causes it? - No. I'm 31 years old and an honor graduate. I have no clue! Of course I know what causes babies and apparently I like it! So there!


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Miss Erin said...

It seems like everyone I meet lately has two ssets of twins. I'm kind of hoping I've got a pair in their now- what do you do with just one?