Wednesday, December 2, 2009

26 Weeks!

I am 26 weeks pregnant, today, with Baby Connor. I've only got 14 or less weeks to go! It's going by so fast!

I also had my 26 week check up today. I had to do the Glucose Tolerance Test. Bleh! I will not miss that! Those drinks are so nasty! My BP was fine, HB was 137, they said I was showing signs of dehydration, gave me a list of things to be on the look out for (contractions, etc. like I don't know enough about it). I signed my paperwork for the repeat c-section and my tubal. I drug Chris in there to sign the consent for my tubal too. Making sure those were signed this time around. I signed the consent for the circumcision, even though we won't be getting it done any way. I even had to sign a paper stating I knew how to do kick counts (?. Okayyyy..... 7th baby, if I don't know by now, I never will!) Then they said "Time for your ultrasound." I was never told I was having an ultrasound this time, but heck, I ain't gonna complain! It was a quick, probably only 5 minutes, ultrasound. Saw the heart, the head, the spine, the stomach, double-checked gender. I only got 2 pics from it, one proving that he is still a he and one of his little feet together. They estimated his weight to be 1 lb., 10 oz. and all looks good. He wasn't too pleased with being disturbed and would kick every time she moved across my belly. I guess he wasn't in a good mood from that nasty fruit punch glucose drink. Can't blame him, neither was I. And he was probably upset because he didn't get his morning Orange juice since I had to fast since midnight.

Look at his little, bitty feet! Awwwww........

Connor is still definitely Connor!

I go back in 2 weeks for my 28 week appointment.


Sheli said...

hi there i am sheli age 39 in maryland
i am a mom of 3 boys here on earth george jr 15, noah 11 and logan will be 9 in jan and kaleb chance my angel in heaven 10-12-05/11-12-05 due to sudi similiar to sids now prego with my rainbow baby due march 23 2010 high risk for downs according to blood work
so far i have had 3 sonos that are any where from at least 30-60 minutes or longer
i go next month jan 6th for my sugar test and they gave me the choice of glucose drink or 16 oz oj n 1/2 banana or 8 oz apple juice n 1/2 nana or 8 oz grape n 1/2 nana or 6 oz grape juice n whole nana and get to eat a normal high protein breakfast such as eggs, toast, milk not fruits loops n juice and so far they say my baby is measuring up to 10 days behind but they say according to sono last wk that the baby is a little over a pound and heartbeat has been around 155 beats
so i am hoping this is my girl we will see in march lol

Mom23Girls1Boy said...

how cute his feet are... i thought the fruit punch one was better tasting then the orange flavored one ... cant wait til he is here and i can see a pic of him

Marice said...

wow congratulations! cant wait to see him! be safe!

A-J Dixon said...

Glad little Connor is looking good:) Good luck! Can not wait to hear of his arrival

Anonymous said...

:) So glad things are going well Looking forward to hearing more
Miss ya

lilscorpiosweetie79 said...

WTG Crystal! I am proud of ya!
Good luck and Baby looks good!