Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thursday 13 -- 13 Movies I LOVE!


Well, it's that time again. Time for me to ramble off 13 random things based on some random subject I have come up with. This week I have chosen:

13 movies that I LOVE


These are pretty much in random order.

1) Twilight (2008) - I am quite unaware of why I love this movie so much but I do.
2) Gone With the Wind (1939) - This was my favorite movie since I was like 8 years old, maybe even younger! I always wanted to be Scarlett.
3) Sweet Home Alabama (2002) - I love Reese Witherspoon. I think she is an awesome actress! This is probably my favorite movie by her.
4) Big Money Hustlas (2000) - It is crude, obnoxious, and definitely not a movie to let your kids watch. But me, I love it. Chris finds it tacky yet humorous. Go figure.
5) Ladder 49 (2004) - I love this movie. I went to the theater to see this one when it first came out. I was in Firefighter I class at the time. Oh, I cried like a baby.
6) Backdraft (1991) - I love this movie as well. I had the brilliant idea to watch this on Christmas morning while we served breakfast to our families. Yeah, bad idea! My dad (retired firefighter) decided it was his duty to inform my in-laws of every screw up in the movie. Thanks.....
7) Wizard of Oz (1939) - Who doesn't love the Wizard of Oz? I can remember being allowed to stay up late every year when it was on TV. Of course, I kept having nightmares about tornadoes and witches. Wait, maybe the witch nightmares were really my mother??? Haha.... I still love to watch it. I always loved Glenda, the good witch... and the Lollipop Kids. That little smirk was soooo adorable!
8) Dirty Dancing (1987) - Always been a favorite.
9) Titanic (1997) - Who could not love this movie?? Ok, first get past Leonardo's cheesiness (I did not like him as Jack). And past Mr. A$$, Rose's fiance. And then it was good. I wanted to slug Rose's mother during the whole thing. And it took me a couple years to figure out what the ending meant.... yeah, I'm slow!
10) Goonies (1985) - Once a goonie, always a goonie!
11) Steel Magnolias (1989) - Oh, my favorite movie for years.... Ok, behind Gone With the Wind. I read the original play. I watched/owned the movie over and over and over. And I love Julia Roberts movies. "My colors are blush and bashful. I have chosen two shades of pink; one is much deeper than the other. I like pink. Pink is my signature color." Oh, that is soooo me! And another of my favorite sayings came from this movie: Shelby: "I would rather have thirty minutes of wonderful than a lifetime of nothing special." And then there's the quote I live by: Clairee Belcher: "That which does not kill us, makes us stronger."
12) The Fast and the Furious (2001) and Fast and Furious (2009) - I couldn't decide between the two. They are my 2 favorite simply because Vin Diesel is in them.
13) Gameplan (2007) - Who wouldn't love a movie with the Rock doing ballet??
And simply because I needed an extra movie to make the above picture look right, here's an honorable mention:
The Pacifier (2005) - Vin Diesel and baby.... Nothing more needs to be said!

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1 comment:

Hayley said...

I love every movie on your list. Except for Big Money Hustlas, cuz I've never seen it, and the new F&F, for the same reason. And Gone with the Wind has been my favorite since childhood, too.

Good list!