Sunday, December 6, 2009

QOTW -- Holiday Traditions

What are you favorite holiday traditions?

Growing up, my family was never big on traditions. My parents were pretty much two people who should have never been allowed to reproduce - ever. But, they did and here I sit with my own kids trying to figure out how to do traditions, or even what to do, with them. When I was younger, we always decorated the day after Thanksgiving, went looking at Christmas lights/decorations and spent time with family. That was it. I was never one to be fond of the whole gift giving thing. On one hand I'm being told that the holidays are all about family and love and Jesus' birth. Then I'm being told we need to spend money on gifts for every one in our family. And, now that I'm a mother, I keep thinking - "Have you met my kids? They are spoiled rotten!" And I mean spoiled all year long. Any ways, now on to the question at hand.

In accordance to the tradition of decorating the day after Thanksgiving, we went out and bought a small tree and a few decorations (almost everything I own is still in Virginia). And we have looked at some lights/decorations around the city. It's so cute when Cheyenne sees them and immediately screams - "Aweeeeesome!"

As far as beginning my own traditions, these are a couple I have always had the intention of doing and just have never done. And, if I don't get a move on it - my 11 year old will miss out on them.
  • Buying a new pair of pajamas for them and allowing them to open that on Christmas Eve.
  • Buying each child a new Christmas ornament each year. Then, when they move out on their own, they get each of theirs to start their own ornament collection.


This year money is real tight, and I mean real tight. Chris got laid off in July and work has been so scarce since. We have discussed Christmas over and over and really have no option but to really downplay it this year. We have moved 1000 miles away from family, so we won't even be seeing them at the holidays at all. We just cannot afford to make the trip. So, we have decided to buy each child a small, in-expensive gift to open on Christmas. Then when tax time comes around, we will get them more. We already have a Wii so they can call that part of their gift. Crystina wants a Nintendo DSi and Carly just wants a regular Nintendo DS. So, we may get those at tax time for them. The other 4 are relatively easy.

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