Friday, December 4, 2009

Who Dat????


Twas the month before Christmas and no sign of snow.
But N.O. doesn't care cause the Saints are 11 & 0.
Dinkins scored a touchdown, Sharper intercepted a pass.
And the Who Dat Nation cheered when Brady was sacked on his ass.
Sunday the Redskins, to Washington we will go.
And when the Black and Gold get finished we'll be 12 ......& 0!
Go Brees, Go Bush, Go Harper & Ellis,
Our teams UNDEFEATED and the others are jealous!
On Thomas... On Shockey... On Sharper and Bell !
On Brees... On Colston... Let's give 'em hell!!
On Meachem... On Harper... On Roby... On Greer!
We Show'd Pretty Boy Brady the meaning of Fear!!


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