Sunday, November 29, 2009

Five Special Moments with my Children

Time seems to fly when you have small children, doesn't it? In the midst of changing diapers, doing laundry, cooking, working, planning, etc, it's easy to overlook the special moments that we have with our kids on a daily basis. Today, we want to stop and take a minute to remember and appreciate some of these moments. So, this week's question is:

Describe in detail 5 of the most special moments you have shared with your children.

  • Well, the first of my five is relevant to all of my children. It consists of my pregnancy. Pregnancy is so special to a mother. It's our first chance to bond with our children. Nobody can come between those 40 weeks (normally 40). Talking to the baby(ies), feeling them kick, rubbing the belly and getting a response. Plus, ultrasounds - seeing your baby and then being able to see the likeness after they're born.
  • Of course, their birth days. With Crystina, my first (and biggest!), I was proud of myself for actually just giving birth. Her birth was my first experience and although it could've been worse, I question why I went on to have 5 (almost 6) more kids! Carolyn's I did alone. The twins part 1 were a natural, vaginal birth. I was really proud of myself for that one. The twins part 2 were my first experience as a c-section birth. But, just hearing them cry for the first time was absolutely music to my ears.
  • When Crystina was an only child. We had all the time in the world to spend, just the two of us. She didn't have to share me with any sisters and we would just cuddle up together and watch TV or read. Of course, at 11 years old now, she feels too old to do that with me even if she were an only child.
  • Late nights and early mornings now. Cheyenne is a complete cuddling, mama's baby. She has to sleep with me in order to fall asleep. Normally she crawls in bed with me at night and just before she falls asleep she crawls down and lays on her pallet on the floor beside my bed. In the mornings, especially if she wakes up while Chris is getting ready, she crawls back in bed with me. Love the cuddle time.
  • Anytime one of the kids does something "just because". For instance, Courtney heard me say I was thirsty earlier and she went straight to the fridge and got me a single serve bottle of OJ. She was so proud of herself and I just didn't have the heart to tell her that I meant a soda and not a juice.

It's hard to pick just 5 moments when you have 6 kids! Another type of moment I love when it comes to my kids is when I get compliments on their behavior. Now, don't get me wrong, they are total h*llions 60+% of the time at home, but they are perfect little angels when we are out. I am always getting compliments on how well they behave. I had one woman stop me in a restaurant and ask me to come home with her and teach her grandchildren how to behave! Another asked me to please write a book explaining how my children can be so well behaved. Book’s on hold because I have no idea how they act so wonderful in public and so "evil" at home.


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