Monday, November 16, 2009

5 Small Successes (or maybe large ones?)

Here is the Question of the Week from Multiples and More.

Name 5 small successes in your life from the past week. (and yes, laundry counts!)


1) Finished 3 chapters of homework, 1 quiz and a test in Principles of Accounting. The success has nothing to do with the grades because they were not successes at all. Just the point that I got them done and before the deadline, was a success. It only took me 9 hours!

2) Finished my final chapter of Accounting for the Small Business. This included a quiz, short answer questions and hands-on work using the Quickbooks Program. Easy. I will brag about my grade on this one. As my professor wrote "Everything was perfect."

3) Finished a chapter of homework for Computerized Accounting. This one involved using the Peachtree program. Again another 100. I can use any accounting program you give me, but quiz me on the principles and I blank out. Hmmmmmm........

4) Bought Connor's coming home outfit. It involves a New Orleans Saints onsie and booties and a pair of jeans. I can't wait to shop more for my little man. After shopping for 6 girls, I am so excited to shop for a boy. Sure, I've bought things for my nephew and my bestest's son, but buying for my own is so much more exciting.


5) Bought a Swiffer mop, sponges, rubbing alcohol and a small vacuum. Well, I guess the Swiffer mop is self-explanatory. The small vacuum is for when my children decide that instead of eating they would much rather crumble their food up on the floor. Too much work to use a big vacuum for a little mess. And the alcohol and sponges are to rid the walls of the creative artwork my 4 youngest have created. Nothing else works, but alcohol. Who knew? If you did, you surely forgot to tell me! Oh, and I also bought bathroom cleaner, febreeze, and carpet powder.


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