Sunday, November 8, 2009

Where do Babies Come From?

I held off announcing my pregnancy because I knew the comments and remarks I would hear.
"Do you know what causes that yet?"
"They do know what causes it and there are ways of preventing it."
"Are you crazy?"

Hmmmmm....... Whatever happened to the good old, old fashioned "Congratulations!"?

I'm at the point where I want to answer but I know that what I have to say would be considered mean and rude so I with-hold my comment. (FYI - I had written another post similar to this:
I feel like just saying, "No, I don't know where they come from, please enlighten me."
or "Who knows how to prevent this????"
or "No more crazy than you for having any kids at all."
or "We're in competition with the Duggars!!! We're nowhere close to being done!"

Why does it matter to anyone else how many kids I have? Fine for you if you only want 1 or 2 kids. Makes no difference to me. To each their own. But, please don't question me if I have more than you. Don't question me if I have more than the "norm".

So, here's a piece of advice. Don't look at your friend and say any of the far above. Just simply say "Congratulations." It will be much more appreciated, and tolerated, than a dumb response of "Don't you know where they come from?" It makes you sound really dumb to look at a grown woman and ask that question.

Besides the general dumbness of the responses, I was really excited to announce this news as after 6 daughters I was FINALLY getting a son! I had never felt complete with each pregnancy. Don't get me wrong. I love each and every one of my daughters. I will hurt anyone who hurts them. I could never imagine my life without them and I would rather die than to lose them. But, with each pregnancy after my oldest, I was somewhat disappointed when the ultrasound showed that little girl part. I was overjoyed when the tech told me 100% without a doubt that this one was a boy. I finally felt complete. I know that this baby will be my last. But when people that have known me for a long time and know how bad I have always wanted a son, say something ridiculous when I announce that yes, I am pregnant with baby #7 and that it's a boy, it really hurts. Sometimes it's just best to say nothing at all if you can't even muster up enough strength to say Congratulations.


Twins Squared said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! And yes, congratulations on the boy!! I can understand. We have decided to stop at 4 but understand the disappointment. If I felt like we could have more than we might go for one more but we are just tapped out. I am happy for you and look forward to reading more!

A-J said...

Congrats on your little man hun!!:) I am excited for you. I can't stand when people think they have a right to judge someone on how many kids they have...If they are well taken care of and loved then who cares?!?! Best of luck to you:)

Rebecca said...

Well I can understand. I was lucky and got b/g twins the first time. So I felt complete and done. You know I am happy for you and am excited about a new nephew on the way!!


Mom23Girls1Boy said...

girl im so sorry people feel the need to be so dumb and closed minded. i went to the hospital for a bad migraine the other night when the discharge nurse was having me sign my papers she asked how many kids i had i said 4 she giggles and says "maybe that why you have migraine" i was like are you kidding me?