Sunday, November 22, 2009

Daddy's Girls

I wanted to do today's post about the love of my life, my husband - Chris, and our six daughters. In about 13 weeks, he will finally have a son and not be as outnumbered as he has been for the last 11 years. But, ironically, I cannot find a single photo on any of my online photo albums of him and our oldest daughter together. I know that I have some, somewhere. Well, I kinda found one of them together. It was taken at a distance, so you can't hardly see them, but they're together none-the-less!
Daddy and Crystina
This picture was taken on May 14, 2004 -- Her 6th Birthday. They were flying a kite together..... kind of!
Daddy and Carolyn
Daddy holding Caitlyn and Charlotte
2005 -- They were about an hour old
He's always nervous about holding one newborn, so imagine how he felt holding 2 at once!
Daddy and Cheyenne
Daddy and Courtney

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Angela said...

Those pictures are just so precious!