Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thursday 13 -- 13 Holiday Foods I LOVE!

I was going to go the Thanksgiving route and write about 13 things I am thankful for. However, I just did "What I am Thankful For" for my 10 on Tuesday post (you can see that here). So, I am keeping the Thanksgiving theme but going in another direction.
13 Holiday Foods that I LOVE!
(This picture is not mine. I got it from the WWW. It does look absolutely delicious, though!)
1) Turkey - The main piece of any holiday dinner. I will only eat the breast meat though. And it has to be warm.
2) Mashed potatoes - Oh, I will fight you over my potatoes. I will stab your hand if you come near them. I love homemade mashed taters, made with milk and butter and a bit of sour cream. Sometimes I like the skin on, sometimes I prefer skin off. I'm just a potato type of gal.
3) Stuffing - I will not eat homemade stuffing. I will only eat Stove Top Stuffing. Hey, I never said I was normal. I'm an individual when it comes to my food.
4) Gravy - I prefer homemade, thank you. And it gets poured all over my turkey, potatoes and stuffing. So yummy!
5) Ham - No salt cured (which is what my maternal grandmother always had) and served warm.
6) Butterbeans - Prefer homegrown. Cooked with a ham hock..... (My mouth is watering)
7) Corn - Again, homegrown from the garden is preferred. Mixed in with my butterbeans.
8) Green Beans - Ok, I was raised in a farming family. My grandparents have always had a garden where we got our vegetables and froze/canned them for the year. I love green beans cooked with lots of black pepper and a ham hock.
9) Black Olives - Ok, maybe not a holiday food to everyone, but we have always had them on holidays. I love them! I usually ate them all waiting for the food to finish cooking. So, extra was always bought.
10) Apple Pie - Apple pie is like my favorite pie, well after Key Lime Pie. I love it when it's still warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.
11) Carrot Cake - Oh, gosh. I love this all the time.
12) Pumpkin Pie - Who doesn't love pumpkin pie (my mother also did a pumpkin roll, pictured below. Click here for the recipe).
13) Rolls - Doesn't matter the brand/type. Just gimme some rolls to soak the gravy up with!

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