Monday, November 9, 2009


After 6 girls, I am estatic to finally be able to shop for a boy! So, we went off searching for Connor's coming home outfit. Now, we have been "feuding" over which college little Connor will be supporting. Mom's vote is for LSU. Dad's vote is for the University of Miami (FL). Now, I have no problem with the U. My favorite football player came from there. But, I want my son in purple and gold!

We have been able to compromise on NFL team. Hubby's favorite is the San Francisco 49er's. But, he compromised and agreed that Connor could be dressed in New Orleans Saints clothes. So, a trip to the Black and Gold Store in Metarie was in order. There I found a onsie and some booties. Now, I really want a jersey for Connor, but the smallest I can find is 12 months. I do not plan on giving birth to a baby that big! A trip to Babies-R-Us got us the jeans and now it is complete. Now, I am still looking for a baseball cap for him, but if I can't find it then no big deal.

The outfit:

The onsie:

The booties:

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