Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

Well, I have decided to do "Thursday 13" each week. I figure it'd give me something to write about each week. Click HERE to go to the Thursday 13 site. I got the idea for this week's Thursday 13 list from a blog I follow, From Inmates to Playdates. Click HERE to visit her blog. So, here's my list for this week:

13 Things in my Purse

So, I bought my purse simply because it had the fleur - de - lis, which is the symbol for the New Orleans Saints and it had pink on it.


Now as for what's in my purse. My husband actually bet me that I didn't have 13 different things in my purse. He lost.

1) Wallet - I absolutely love my wallet! It has so many compartments and slots. Currently it holds our cash, cards, some business cards, receipts, change and ultrasound pictures. And a few other odd things.

2) Phone - I keep my cell in my purse. My hubby has the same one, but his is blue. Kinda cute isn't it. Mine's pink, his is blue. Haha!

3) Calculator - Not just any calculator either, but my Texas Instruments Business Analyst Calculator that I use in Accounting. There's really no reason why it should be in there except my kids like to pretend its a cell phone. So, it hides out in my purse.

4) Unopened package of lead pencils - I have to buy new pencils about once a week for the kids schooling. This is this week's pack. I have to hide them in my purse as well to ensure that they will be around for Monday morning.

5) Pain Reliever - Thanks to little Mr. Connor baking in the oven, the only thing I can take for my migraines is regular old tylenol. I really miss my excedrin!

6) Quarters- Currently in my purse is a nice roll of quarters. Yep, $10 worth. It's for when I get bored enough to actually go do my laundry.

7) Eye Glasses - My prescription eye glasses that I have not worn since June. I found them in a side compartment of my purse. Oddly, I can't see when I put them on again. I think it's time for a new script.

8) Lowe's Build and Grow Clinic Patches - My kids get these each time they complete a craft. I currently have patches hanging out in my purse for 4 or so different crafts. One day they'll get put on shirts. Yeah, right! Who am I fooling?!?!

9) Tylenol Allergy - A week or so ago, I started to feel my allergies coming on. The sore throat, runny nose, etc. So, I went and bought these. Not the generic brand, but the real Tylenol brand. I took 2. The rest are hanging out until next time.

10) Keys - I have one key to a storage unit in Virginia and 2 keys to a lock box in Virginia. I now own neither of them. Maybe its time to toss the keys.

11) Phone Memory Cards - For my previous phone. My new phone doesn't have a memory card slot. Oh, well.

12) Gameboy Game - I can't find either Gameboy and this game is unidentifiable. My kids told me that it was "The Proud Family" game. I'll take their word on it. I wonder where the label went any way.

13) Lighters - Ironically, I do not smoke. They must be the hubby's. How they made it into my purse, I do not know. But, I know where 2 are if he ever needs one.

Do you have a suggestion for an upcoming Thursday 13? Leave me a comment and I'll save it for future use.

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Julie From Inmates said...

Hi Crystal! I'm stopping by from Inmates to Playdates! Cute post! So, you are carrying your 7th baby??? You go girl! I was done after 2 =) Thanks for the shout-out!! Julie